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Honoring Women's Wisdom...

In a recent post... submitted to two of the "comedy" groups... Jim Albano offered Careful what you say to your woman! to us for your reading pleasure... and hopefully a chuckle.

Although it was an attempt at humor, it did bring to mind a subject that is on the minds of some as we women grow older.  Of course, the subject is "the aging woman."

There are just too many people in this world who suffer from the perception that as a man grows older he looks distinguished, and as a woman grows older, she looks "extinguished."

The ancient religions have had for centuries the triple concept delineating the life-stages of maiden-mother-crone that affect all women.

Inherent in this concept is that during each of these three broad stages of a woman's life... the maiden... the mother... and the crone... she is honored for a different facet of her being.  As an elder... as a "crone," an older woman is revered for her knowledge... her acquiring of such a great degree of life's wisdom.

In the matrilineal, matriarchial and matrifocal societies that existed on this earth over thirty-five hundred years ago... the honoring of women during the latter stages of her life... during her "crone-hood..." was a commonplace and taken-for-granted fact of life.  The elder women of society being honored for their acquired wisdom.  What a concept !

How, when and where did older men come to be seen as distinguished, and our women elders come to be seen by so many... as extinguished ?  What a waste of talent.

Comment balloon 16 commentsKaren Anne Stone • May 16 2008 01:09AM


Karen Anne.....spoken like a true supporter of the crone.  She has earned her respect.  thanks for the post.

Posted by Pam Winterbauer, "Providing Blue Ribbon Service" (Pam Winterbauer Real Estate) over 12 years ago

Karen Anne, well said, and dead right!  Hopefully no one will have to get their dictionaries out :).  Liz

Posted by Liz Carter, Broker/Owner of Liz Carter & Team Realty, Katy TX (Houston) (Liz Carter & Team Realty-Your Real Estate Resource For Life!) over 12 years ago

ok i want to know where those matriarchal societies are and i want to travel there......or some place where being chubby is loveably and being bodacious and bootylicious is appealing...somewherethe the womans mind, experience and widom revered.......Respct Honour and the use of our gifts......maybe we have to time travel to some ancient me to the nearest time tunnel...

Posted by Liz Moras Migic, Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor over 12 years ago

My wife and I our coming up on our 15th wedding anniversary and I can tell you that not for one second that I haven't thought she has gotten better looking everyday. So hog wash to that men distinguished crap, I think you are looking pretty dang hot!

Your friend in Oregon,

P.S. - I'm not turning my head in to a home plate, I don't thing that would be distinguished enough - lol

Posted by Todd Clark, Principle Broker Oregon (eXp Realty LLC) over 12 years ago

Karen Anne,

Our society treats seniors badly, both women and men.  They're ignored and regarded as irrelevant.  They have to deal with employment discrimination.  And pop culture portrays them as being doddering, forgetful children.

Who was the celebrity who said "the golden years suck"?

Posted by Eric Kodner, Wayzata Lakes Realty: Twin Cities, Madeline Island (Wayzata Lakes Realty: Eric Kodner Sells Twin Cities Homes) over 12 years ago

Piggybacking on Eric's comment....our senior's have paved the way for us younger ones to have it so good.  We really need to revor them especially in their twilight years.!

Posted by Pam Winterbauer, "Providing Blue Ribbon Service" (Pam Winterbauer Real Estate) over 12 years ago

In this day and age we're all obsolete and outdated at the first sign of a wrinkle or a solitary grey hair.  The obsession with youth and beauty is just crazy.  Btw, there's not a thing wrong with the way you look Karen Anne.  You're a doll! 

Posted by Jesse & Kathy Clifton, Retired (Jesse Clifton & Associates, REALTORS®) over 12 years ago

Karen Anne, I love your posts, I agree with Jesse, you are a doll!

Posted by Jean Powers, CRS,e-PRO,HAFA,SFR Broker, Northern California (Kane & Associates call 510.908.9002) over 12 years ago

One nice thing [for me anyway] about getting older, or longer in the tooth as they say, is that I could care less about what others say about my physical characteristics.

Posted by Susie Blackmon, Ocala, Horses, Western Wear, Horse Farms, Marketing over 12 years ago

How very true.  I don't know when it happened but I don't like it one little bit. 

Posted by Kathy W. Clifton (Jesse Clifton Real Estate) over 12 years ago

Karen Anne:  What I love about the women I know is that they embrace their lives, no matter what the age and don't look back.  The men I know are constantly looking back.  I think aging works best on women...or anyone who is not afraid of it.  Just remember, you will never be this young again!  ;)

Posted by Chris Ann Cleland, Associate Broker, Bristow, VA (Long and Foster REALTORS®, Gainesville, VA) over 12 years ago

Hasn't bothered me since my 30th birthday, when I had to admit I wasn't a kid anymore.

IMHO one way we crones can signal that we accept our stage in life and deserve respect is to leave behind the hairdos and makeup we wore in high school.  Can you tell that I recently had a high school reunion?  Scary.

I think real estate is a great place for ladies of a certain age.  When Eric started in 1989, he was friends with a female agent from his licensing class.  She was in her early 30s, married with two kids but she looked MUCH younger than her age.  Like maybe 18.  She was smart and competent, but had to leave the business because nobody called her. 

Posted by Karen Webster...Grand Rapids, MI Realtor (5 Star Real Estate, Grand Rapids MI) over 12 years ago

There is an obvious double standard that humor oftentimes points out in its own valuable way. Have you noticed that the "distinguished" man generally has money while those without money are more likely seen as "creepy" or an "old goat". There is a double standard here as well, though at least there is the opportunity for the old guy to be distinguished!

Posted by Rich Dansereau (Positive Real Estate Professionals) over 12 years ago

Yay Aunt Karen! I have the maiden-mother-crone carving and I have it turned up-side-down to keep it all in perspective :)

I'm just getting cuter - no matter what they say!

Posted by Jennifer Monroe, Real Estate REALTOR®/Broker in Beautiful Charlotte (Savvy + Company Real Estate) over 12 years ago

While I have gotten older (and rounder!), I have also gotten better - better at living, laughing and loving.  Those things only come with age and experience.  If that means I'm extinguished, then so be it.  But I take it to mean I'm "on fire."

Posted by Carol Smith (Casmi Photography) over 12 years ago

What Chris Ann said is so look back and women look forward! Looking back is so debilitating!

I myself choose not to accept the mantle of "old woman"....(just a little less agile)

Posted by Joan Mirantz, Realtor, GRI, CBR, SRES - Concord New Hampshire (Homequest Real Estate) over 12 years ago