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Why Do Blogs Die ?

There were several posts written over the past two days about the death of blogging... and whether it was real, or not.  While I was reading those posts and comments, one of the things that popped into my head was this:

There are many, many real estate agents who, in the past... when they "heard" all about blogs for the first time... "LOOKED" at other agent's blogs, and, in wanting to put together a great looking blog to launch, spent lots of time and money... with some of the excellent professional blogging consultants.

In the process, they sweated blood and cried tears I am sure.  Pulled their own hair out, and went through the various frustrations of trying to put together a great-looking blog to launch.

Once they got to where they felt their "creation" was ready... they launched their blog.  They gave birth to their new baby blog.

Then came the realization.  OK... all that excitement is over with.  NOW... what do I do ?

What a frustrating question.  Many of those brand new bloggers jumped right in.  Tried to write, some did very well, and some did not.  Some found their initial excitement was easy to maintain.  Others, not so much.

Some time ago, when I was thinking of paying lots of money for someone to create a blog for me... I asked for a list of perhaps several dozen of the blogs that these various companies had created for some of our Active Rainers, and for other Realtors.  And I was surprised at what I found.

After reading these recent posts, I went back to the lists of those several dozen blogs... just to see how they were doing.

Apparently... for the most part... once those blogs were launched... most of the writers... didn't really know what to do with them, and quit after four months or so... sometimes even less.

A blog looks like fun.  And, an excellent blog looks... well, it LOOKS... excellent. 

But, it's often like a kid with a new toy at Christmas.  You know how it works, Mom and Dad.  Your youngster opens up the present, says WOW... plays with it for awhile, then goes on to the next one.  And... there you are... looking at that toy... wondering what happened.

NO... I do not think blogging is "dead."  Far from it.  But, I DO think that a great many agents started blogs when they had no clue what they were getting in to, then found out it was really too much like WORK, and soon just got either bored, or tired, or both.

So... a question.  If you have an outside blog... my dear Rainers... what various things did you find out... once you launched your blog, and got it up and running ?  What surprised you the most ?  What did you enjoy the most ?  And, what did you enjoy... not so much ?


Please read:  I know that "blogging is not dead.  That's not the issue here.  That has been "hashed, re-hashed, and over-hashed."

The question is... why do certain blogger's individual blogs... die ?  Or... why does blogging work for some, and not for others ?  Looking for some personal stories about either your blog, or about blogs of those you know, here.  Thanks a bunch.


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Comment balloon 104 commentsKaren Anne Stone • August 29 2010 07:24PM


I found it took a lot of work to establish the discipline to blog on a regular basis. Also, to establish a group of topics I could go to and create content. After the first few months I found it to be much easier.

Posted by Bill Wilson (Paradigm AdvantEdge) almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen never ceases to amaze me when I look at how many RE professionals in my area started with a bang...filled out the profile...posted a few listings and now....nada.

I'm convinced that not only do you have to recognize and believe in the power of have to like doing it, you have to like writing!

You're is work, and perserverance and a love of putting yourself out there in writing!

Posted by Joan Mirantz, Realtor, GRI, CBR, SRES - Concord New Hampshire (Homequest Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

Karen, I think we almost need to see it as just something we do on a consistent, regular basis---kind of like a diary/journal----or eating breakfast :)

Posted by Charles Buell, Seattle Home Inspector (Charles Buell Inspections Inc.) almost 10 years ago

Bill:  Getting yourself into the routine, the actual "groove" of writing on a regular basis, is not an easy thing to do.  Also, many of us are simply not cut out to be writers.  And, unfortunately, from what I have seen, there are even many folks who try to blog... try to write content... and write very poorly.  I am glad that after a while you found things much easier.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Joan:  Yes, I have seen this all over the place on Active Rain.  Some actually never start, but some do start right away, and then, as you said, filled out the profile, (although many have STILL not even done that), posted a few listings, or asked a question or two... thinking doing that made it a blog post... and then quit.

But, this post is aiming at folks OUTSIDE of Active Rain.  The ones who spent actual money... big bucks in some cases... and went at it for a very short time, and then... as you said... nada.  So yes... lots of work... and some not-so-fun surprises.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Charles:  That's the ticket.  Look at blogging just like we look at eating.  And... blogging is not fattening.  Unless, that is, you eat while you are blogging.  I can see it now.  Write a sentence, eat a donut, write another sentence, eat another donut.

But yes... the effort at producing a good blog... must be consistent.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen,

I've been guilty of getting busy with "clients" and my blogging has been falling down the list - recently recommitted to getting back to it because it's the reason I am spending all this time with "clients" - lol. 

PS You look great! Hugs from Clearwater :)

Posted by Cyndee Haydon, 727-710-8035 Clearwater, Beach Short Sales Luxury Condos &Homes (Charles Rutenberg Realty) almost 10 years ago

Karen Anne -

I was one of those people who "gave it a try" back in May 2009 and then stopped a couple weeks later.  I can't even tell you why I stopped. 

So here it is August 2010 and I decided to get serious.  My current mindset is that blogging on AR is a journey.  I'm still learning the basics. Will I fall down a few times on this journey? Most likely.

Are you saying that you can pay someone to "ghost blog" for you on AR?  Who has the disposable income and why do it anyway? Sounds plastic.

Take care ~ Mark


Posted by Mark Hitz (Keller Williams ) almost 10 years ago

I have a friend who is an agent who sees the results I have had and over the past three years she calls me ever so often "I want to do a blog, I am ready".  Three years ago I helped her set up an account on Active Rain and then we did one post.  That was August, 2007.  Last week she did her second post.  I told her that I didn't think blogging was for her and that's what I believe.  Blogging is just not for everyone.  

Posted by Miriam Bernstein, CRS almost 10 years ago

Karen Anne, I am the personification of the "perfectionist"...I used to sit at my computer for hours just to create the perfect open house flyer.  The problem was no one ever saw me!  Blogging on AR is probably the first thing I have done in my career that I am truly flying by the seat of my pants.  I am not doing a lot of it "right"...on the other hand, I am doing a lot right...I know that intuitively.  But, I am blogging as much for connection with other professionals as I am for SEO.  Just me..........

Posted by Deborah "Dee Dee" Garvin, C2 Financial (C2 Financial) almost 10 years ago

i loved your post. It was so true to everything i see and hear from others.... I think a blog shows ones personality. If you are outgoing and friendly, it shows in ones postings. i set time aside every day to write on my various blogs, time that used to be used to cold call or to wind down over the stresses of ones day. now i can wind down by writing... It is work but if you like your work than it doesnt feel as much like work as it does to some.

Posted by Scott Godzyk, One of the Manchester NH's area Leading Agents (Godzyk Real Estate Services) almost 10 years ago

Karen Anne, I agree with Miriam. I also have a really good friend, a top agent in San fransisco. I set him up with account over 2 years ago. I even wrote his first two blogs and got some of my blog buddies to comment to show him how it works. He never responded to the comments or ever wrote another blog. It's not for him. He knows the business I get but you really have to enjoy it.

Posted by Mitchell J Hall, Lic Associate RE Broker - Manhattan & Brooklyn (Compass) almost 10 years ago

I have been surprised by the Internet presence and phone calls I have received from Localism posts!  I enjoy the interaction of Blog forums and thought provoking topics. What I dont like the most are negative comments :( 

Posted by Marilyn Boudreaux, Lake Charles LA Century 21 Realtor (Marilyn Boudreaux, Century 21 Bono Realty) almost 10 years ago

Karen I have seen quite a few agents start off just like you said - and then - WOW - that's way to much work for me.  I hear this all the time when I teach blogging/social media classes. What?  You mean I have to spend at least an hour or more a day?  They just don't get the marketing aspcect of the whole deal.  I guess they'd rather send out postcards.....

Personally when I started I really got into it - and had a blast reading as much as I could and learning as much as I could.  And meeting all the great people!! And then when I got my first referral it was - ALRIGHT - this stuff works.  On Friday alone I received 2 referrals -One from a lovely couple relocating to Phoenix and wanting to buy mulitple homes.  The other a first time buyer needing help.

At times it tought to get everything accomplished - that's where late nights happen!

Posted by Anna Banana Kruchten Arizona's Top Banana!, 602-380-4886 (HomeSmart Real Estate BR030809000) almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen.  I have been wondering the same thing...

Yesterday I "unsubscribed" to many blogs who had not posted in more than a year...

I figure I gave them enough time to come back!

Thanks for writing,


Posted by Ken Tracy, Helping clients buy and sell since 2005 (Coldwell Banker Residential) almost 10 years ago

Cyndee:  Having clients that keep you too busy to blog.   Now THAT'S a pretty good reason for blogging less.  Good for you.  And, you look great, as well.  Huggs back !

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Once I got past the realization it would be work Karen Anne, blogging then became a platform for practising my writing (and boy I needed practice).

As I approach almost 3 years of part-time participation here on AR, I believe I have things to offer, and enjoy reading good blogging, like yours Karen Anne.

Moving forward the plan is to be blogging and commenting regularly, mainly on local items of interest and with some personal touches.

Posted by John Grasty, Your Tri-cities REALTOR, neighbour and volunteer. (for real estate results in the Tri-Cities.) almost 10 years ago

Mark:  I understand.  It felt like a great idea at the time, I am sure.  Just like the kids unwrapping a present, you played with it awhile, then on to something else.  And now... you saw that toy, thought... gee, that looks like a great idea, and back you came.  I hope it works for you this time.  Perhaps you are ready for it, now.

And... as they say, it's now how many times you fall down while trying, it's how many times you get back up.  Sounds like an old ChumbaWumba song to me.  Chumbawamba - I get Knocked Down, But I get Up Again.  The song is a little "noisy" for my current taste, but it gets the point across.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Your post is right on. Some just jump in and jump out. Some wear out the toy, come back again and like riding a bike, get right back into it after a week or more off. But the journaling part is what will keep me around -- in or out, writer's block or not -- the writing helps clear the head and mend the broken heart (I mean broken deals, of course).

Posted by Kristen Correa, Broker, I love coffee & real estate. I am out of coffee! (Kristen Correa Real Estate & Reedy Creek Realty Services) almost 10 years ago

KarenAnne  what an interesting question.  It looks like the response so far are from those who post on AR..  I'll check back to see how the discussion progresses.

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) almost 10 years ago

My outside blog is just a repetitive of what I do here. It got to be a routine so not too bad on "work". Bottom line....I have great responses from AR and my website.

Posted by Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman, (RA) AHWD CRS ePRO OAHU HAWAII REAL ESTATE (Liberty Homes) almost 10 years ago

Miriam:  Well... okay, one post in August of 2007, one post in August of 2010.  Now, for her to maintain this incredible level of consistency, she will have to write her next post in August of 2013.  She needs to know you have confidence in her, Miriam.  So... do what you can. 

Noper... blogging is not for everyone.  Everyone is different, everyone has differing talents.  I remember when I was a student of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, one of the MBTI scholars wrote a book called "Gifts Differing."  I don't remember who wrote it, but I DO remember it was a great book.  I will have to Google it.

Ahh... I just looked it up.  "Gifts Differing" was written by Isabel Briggs Myers... the daughter of the mother-daughter team who, with Katherine Briggs, developed the Myers-Briggs.

Again... blogging is not for everyone.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

I'm amazed at how many blogs I see (outside of AR), that haven't had a post in more than a year. 

I think that the continual feedback and even the points help to keep us motivated to blog here on ActiveRain.  On my outside blogs, I do post regularly, but not as often as I do here.

Posted by Kerry Lucasse, Your Urban Nest Atlanta Real Estate Consultant (eXp Realty - Urban Nest Real Estate Group) almost 10 years ago

Blogging is not for everyone--just as some agents abhor holding open houses, other agents will never be bloggers.  They may try, but unless they enjoy doing it and make it a priority, those blogs will wither and die from lack of passion, fresh content and discipline.

Posted by Norma Toering Broker for Palos Verdes and Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Luxury Homes in L.A. (Charlemagne International Properties) almost 10 years ago

Karen, whew, it would take a million words to tell everything I've learned. Here's the nutshell though - blogging on AR is more user friendly than Wordpress, Blogger or yahoo. The other nut would be that paying someone to set up a blog for you may not be a good idea. It would be more productive for a person to just do a post once a week on Active Rain and read 3 posts written by other people every day. (Just MHO.)

Posted by Maria Morton, Kansas City Real Estate 816-560-3758 (Platinum Realty) almost 10 years ago

Deborah:  I must admit there are many areas of my life in which I have suffered from the abject paralysis of being a perfectionist.  Luckily, writing blog posts is NOT one of those areas.  I just start writing... and out it comes.

Other areas... I can procrastinate for YEARS... because I want whatever it is... to be absolutely perfect.  Which means, of course, that I never get started.

I think I remember us commenting back and forth when you first got on to Active Rain.  I don't remember, but I can only hope... I was encouraging.

And... doing things by "flying by the seat of your pants, or panties (from my most recent blog post) actually accesses a different area of your creative brain... which just serves to show what a multi-faceted person you are. 

And... you being "just you"... is a really good thing !

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Scott:  I'm glad you love my post.  Cool Beans !  [actually, I prefer my beans 'warmed', but if cool is my only choice, Cool Beans are fine]

Speaking of allowing one's blog to show one's personality, there are many Rainers who think they are being "purists"... who say that our blogs should ONLY be about real estate, and not... about other aspects of ourselves.  To that, I say... Baloney !

To my way of doing things, your blog should show that regarding your trade... real estate, lending, inspecting, etc... it should show that you know what you are doing, and that someone could "work" with you.  And that second part usually comes from letting your personality show through.

And, using blogging to "wind down" is great... very therapeutic.  Many, many of us find that true.  You are obviously on the right track.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Thought provoking post Karen. I have different blogs all over the place (for quite some time now) but the one that brings in the most traffic is the one built into my website.... Without getting too much into tracking traffic, etc... all I'll say is to have a website that can integrate a blog into it with just a file extension.

For short term results, AR is probably the best way to go for an agent just getting into blogging. But for long term results... go with getting one on the same domain as your website.

Blogging is work.. Agents can either do busy work or blog about the questions that consumers are really searching for. Every day... I get questions concerning something about real estate... which tells me I need to blog about it. Or... all of our local media on their real estate reports are Really, Really bad about reporting what is really going on in real estate. The Sources often quoted don't practice real estate every day... just track numbers that already happened.

And for tips to new bloggers... search Trulia in your areas for questions being asked by non real estate agents... the reason why they are asking those questions is because they could not find the answer doing a Google Search.

Instead of wasting your time answering the question on Trulia... make a blog article about the topic and chances are that the next time somebody is looking for the answer to that question... they will find your article.

Just some tips... blogging is not dead... just blogging about anything is dead. Future clients want answers and to view properties.... they don't really care about your personal life in the beginning. They want good information that they can't get from the 1,000+ other articles out there covering wallpaper, curb appeal, blah, blah, blah.

Oh yeah... newbies need to remember that a blog stands for Web Log. In other words, what is going on today and not 10 years ago. Put the seller tips on a static page on your website. Your local market reports are fantastic blog topics since it shows you have clue about what is going on in the local market.... something that National Indexes can't cover.



Posted by Paul Francis, Las Vegas Real Estate Agent - Summerlin Homes (Francis Group Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

Mitchell:  I very much understand what you are saying.  I am trying to help a friend get started in blogging... right now.  I don't think she gets it... cuz she has not shown the interest.  I guess if you don't "got the bug" you just don't.

And yes, it gets back to what I said about each of us being multi-faceted.  We each have areas in which we excel, and hopefully those are the areas we choose.  We must, however, at least TRY to go into other areas and at least attempt to expand.  But, it works well for some, for others... not so much.

As they say... you can lead a Realtor to Active Rain... but ya can't me 'em blog.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Marilyn:  Your Localism Posts are EXCELLENT.  Anyone reading this should take a peek at Marilyn's stuff.  I wish I wrote Localism as well as you do.

But... it's the Localism posts that show "your world" that you are that "neighborhood expert" that folks usually only "talk" about being.  It's like... "hey, we need to get a house.  Who do we call ?  Let's call that Marilyn woman.  She really knows Lake Charles."

This part of Active Rain is great.  The interaction.  And I just love it how "conversational" my blog posts and the comments are.  It's very therapeutic for me, as well.  And Sheesh... do I need therapy.  <smile>

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

It is hard work... sometimes.  I know that I go through times when I struggle to write... and other times when it just flows. 

I think a lot of agents hit that first wall, haven't become an overnight sensation, and let it go...  It is SO easy to do.

Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) almost 10 years ago

There will always be doom and gloomers out there who will happily kick the chair out from under you if you put the noose around your neck. Not that long ago and we had people telling us that "real person" agents would disappear. My parents tell me of a time when television was considered a fad that could not last. Same for these people who beat thr drum of negativity as often as they can. Usually, "by coincidence" many that I have seen have the next greatest thing that they will gladly sell us for a price. Of course, that will depend on Blogs, or whatever dying off. A lot of their manure is simply to sell something different.

If you look at the blog stats here for your state, you will see that the number of posts and points drops off rather rapidly after a point and then there are thousands that have done nothing in months or years. That is there loss, but I can understand it a bit. Many of them have told me that they see AR as an "exclusive group" that you cannot belong to and prosper in unless you are a "star". Many I know just finally gave up after their posts were relegated to back pages and got little, if any, attention. In that respect I understand what their sentiments are. And they do have a point. Has been discussed here many times.

Posted by John Elwell, You Deserve a Full-Time Agent, Not Reduced Results (CENTURY 21 Bill Nye Realty, Inc.) almost 10 years ago

Love blogging, Karen Anne!!! Some days for me it is VERY therapeutic. Love reading others' blogs as well! Perhaps, I should be paying to blog!!  Shhh!! Don't share that with the powers that be!! LOL!

Posted by Sonja Patterson, Texas Monthly 5-Star Realtor Recipient for the Hou (Keller Williams - BV) almost 10 years ago

I think you hit a nerve! Some people are good at blogs, some at other things. We may see some changes into a facebook kind of short info conduit in a few years. Whether blogging or some other way to communicate, it will always be with us. good post.

Posted by Bryan Watkins (LRA Real Estate Group) almost 10 years ago

Sometimes blogging is work, sometimes it is fun. It allows the creative juices an outlet. I also REALLY enjoy reading others blogs.

Thank you

Posted by Scott Baker, Realtor Homes for Sale Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio ( Coldwell Banker West Shell) almost 10 years ago

Anne - you said ..... "it's often like a kid with a new toy at Christmas" and you can bet that before the day is out they find the box it came in more interesting than the item blog itself ..... before to long it is forgotton or tossed aside just like that new toy at christmas.

Posted by Kathy Clulow, Trusted For Experience - Respected For Results (RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc. Brokerage) almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen Anne -- I did one false start, stopped for a year after starting and then I ran across the ActiveRain name again and bang, been at it ever since, but I was totally clueless and there didn't seem to be an easy roadmap for me to help put things in a bigger context, so I guess I was slow to catch on to it's intrinsic power and benefits of networking, friendship, education, referrals and new business.

Posted by Chris Olsen, Broker Owner Cleveland Ohio Real Estate (Olsen Ziegler Realty) almost 10 years ago

As a "newbie" I started blogging this month (august) and have 33 posts. Mostly that is because I took the 30 day blog challenge. Then a few days ago they decided to award you points if you actually Do blog for 30 days straight. The only thing is that posting a listing does not count! I had just posted a listing! So I started over and am determined to achieve the 30 days.

At the beinning I was very intimidated, and then I started really looking at other's blogs and realized that I just need to be myself. So I decided there was nothing to be afraid of and just jumped in with both feet and I am learning as I go! I have been rewarded with some great comments and a call from a possible client!

Keep on blogging your knowledge, it really helps and encourages! Thank You!

Posted by Diane Huffman (Moses Lake Realty Group) almost 10 years ago

Miss Banana:  As Lenn says... HA !  Yeah, anyone can blog.  It's easy.  All ya do is just sit down and start writing stuff.  <wicked smile>

You have to do what works for you.  Then you combine it with other stuff that has BEEN working for you, and continues to work.  It's all about the complete package.  And, it is so great, that everyone's complete "packages" (no wise-cracks, guys) are different. 

Blogging, done well, breeds uniqueness.  Blogging, done well, builds relationships.  And luckily, we get to pick who we work with.  There are some folks... the nuts-and-bolts types... buyers and sellers... who don't want that.  Sometimes I try and work with them, sometimes I refer them, and sometimes I just "wish them well."

It's just like your "banana" thing.  The costumes.  There are many agents who would never wear one of those outfits.  I love it.  But, then again, we are all different.  And... as we know... that's a good thing.

When you start out... Newbies on Active Rain... the best thing to do if you are afraid to post, is to read, read, read... and then read some more.  Sooner of later, you start to comment... and then finally, you get the nerve to write.

Some others... jump right in, have a talent for writing, and just do it.  Sometimes that works, and sometimes even that... does not.

Yeah... all ya need is that one "success"... and that may be it.  Wow... this works.  I think I may keep it up.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Karen--My answer was to abandon my ourisde blog and confine my writing tio Active Rain. That works well for me, and the exposure and comments are more consistent. To be b;unt, I was writing som OK stuff, but noone started reading and commenting until I committed to AR

Posted by Elliott S. Topkins, Massachusetts Real Estate and Title Atty (Topkins & almost 10 years ago

It does take discipline, and that is one thing that most people lack...we all do in some regard.  I am working on making this a habit and sometimes the hardest part is just making myself DO IT!  I have all the ideas, all the tools - I just have to negotiate with myself to make it happen!

Posted by Shelley Rowton, ABR, RSPS - (512) 507-5779 MoveToRealty of Austin (Move To Realty) almost 10 years ago

Hello Dudette, sorry I've been AWOL the last little bit. Busy moving. 

I like what Anna Banana has to say "They just don't get the marketing aspcect of the whole deal.  I guess they'd rather send out postcards....."

I agree with what John Grasty has to say : blogging then became a platform for practising my writing (and boy I needed practice).

I get to kill two birds with one stone by blogging - I get to write which I enjoy AND I get to market without sending postcards. 

I'm a guerilla now lol and I like it.

It's like anything else.  You have to be consistent right?  And if some people start it and fall off the wagon that's ok.  Leaves more room for those of us who embrace it on a more regular basis.  Now if I could just stick to my diet the same way.

Posted by Jenny Kotulak, Broker - Oakville Ontario Real Estate (RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage) almost 10 years ago

Karen, Great post.  I started my Outside Blog about a year ago.  I still believe posting to an outside blog is the way to go.  No I have not seen any money from my efforts yet, but I know I am being read by comments I receive from the outside.  And a few direct emails recently asking for info. I am very hopeful.  Feels like a crescendo in music - gradually building to something great.

The challenge for me from the start has been writing. Writing has never been a strong point for me. I struggle to do comments on a regular basis, but I know that is the way to stay connected here. I would love to be prolific like so many people here. But I am not, so I use photos and slide shows and re-blogging to help me along. 

Surprises?  Surprised at how addicted I feel to AR.  I truly enjoy the community aspect of AR.
Negative things?  Not much so far, other than not enough time to do it all!

And no, blogging is not for everyone for sure!



Posted by Gloria Todor, & Doug Durren (484) 431-3686 in SE PA (Century 21 Absolute Realty ) almost 10 years ago

Diane in # 40:  Miss Diane... your are NOT... a Newbie any longer... <smile>  I know people on Active Rain who have been here three YEARS and have not yet written 33 posts, and you have done that in one month. 

Blogging, and writing posts... is something you "build on."  Some folks can just jump in, and learn by doing.  Some others, like Deborah in # 11, and me, sometimes, need to "think" about it... cuz we want to be "perfect."  Wow... is that something people need to get over.

Hey... reading your comment... you are one very determined woman.  You Go, Girl !  Yeah... I can just SEE you being intimidated.  Yeah, right.  <smile x 2>

You really DO... need to be yourself.  Read lots of other's blog posts, and see what they do, just to get a feel for it, but in the end... just be yourself.   Gosh, that is a secret that I wished I had learned long ago.  I learned it late, but as they say... better late than never.

One thing that tells me that you are doing well... without going to look at your stuff (which I will do) is that you say you are getting comments.  Just look at the comments I am getting here.  All great comments... until Roger shows up, anyways... <ducking> but good comments turn a post into an ongoing conversation. 

What makes it even more fun, is when folks come back... cuz they KNOW I will probably respond to their initial comment... and comment again.  It makes it nice.  Human.  Warm.  And fun.  Again, it's called relationships.

Your last sentence is the kind of thing that helps me so much... to keep doing this.  You are sweet.  Thanks for your "thanks"... and you are very welcome.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Can I just push the "like" button? Okay, I agree with some of the comments, I didn't read them all. I like the satisfaction I get from writing the blog and in the long run I do believe it will promote my business as I learn so much from all the folks in the Rain. Did I mention the points, I like the points too.

Posted by Teral McDowell (Referral Patners LLC) almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen Anne -

I'm so glad this one got featured.  I saw it come up and had to leave for a while - and thought I would comment when I got back.

My "outside" blog has been around for about 2 years.  At first it was difficult to manage.  The big surprise - NO COMMENTS.  I felt like I was blogging into vacant cyberspace.   Readership was practically nill as well.  If my analytics showed me 20 pageviews a day, I counted myself lucky.After all the feedback from AR - it was much tougher for me to work on it. 

Two things - I needed to work on SEO and I needed to get links going to my blog.  Otherwise it was never going to get read.  Katerina's course was a Godsend on that score. Right now I get from about 75-130 visits a day on my outside blog. 

But people who think a public-facing blog like that is "easy" or the lazy way out for a real estate professional are dead wrong.  This is where a lot of bloggers fall by the wayside.  They think about 10 posts and they will be in business.  Sorry - not happening.

Posted by Ruthmarie Hicks (Keller Williams NY Realty - 120 Bloomingdale Road #101, White Plains NY 10605) almost 10 years ago

marti garaughty, The Art of Marketing YOU

Posted by marti garaughty, a highly caffeinated creative type... ( almost 10 years ago

I think that it has to do with a lack of understanding of what blogging is and what blogging isn't.  We make it way too hard and walk into without a clear vision of where it fits in the marketing or business plan. 

Posted by Kate Bourland, Onlilne Marketing Mobile Marketing (Marketing with Kate) almost 10 years ago

When I was brand new (a long 11 months ago) I paid to have a blog done for me and was greatly disappointed.

My blog looked cookie cutter and while I have great SEO, most of what I get are other bloggers trying to grab some juice for their blog or product.

Even though that was a bad experience I still love to blog and AR has helped me keep that alive. No business from it yet but I look at blogging like gambling. If I go to the casino and I lose the money I was OK gambling with, I still had fun. If I win all the better. If I spend time blogging and have fun and learn something that's great. If I get business from it all the better.

Posted by Nate Gerard, CDPE, East Metro Twin Cities Realtor (Keller Williams Premier) almost 10 years ago

Teral in # 47:  Uh oh... sore spot here.  About that "like button" stuff.  LOL.  I think it is... ummm... well, never mind.  <smile>

How 'bout for your next birthday, if your husby pushes the "like" button, instead of telling you how much he loves you ?  <smile x 2>

But, then again, you are a "youngster" and I understand the appeal of that Facebook stuff.  I actually have a Facebook page, but ONLY cuz I was pushed into it, and didn't feel like fighting it any more.

I do think your business will grow as you write more and more.  You write well, and you share your personality with your readers... all of which will surely promote your business.  And the points... yes, I like the points, too !

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

marti in # 49:  Thanks for spotlighting this in your group.  Sharp Cookies are a good thing.  I remember much earlier in my career I was a "dull cookie."  I hated it.  Dull cookies... Yuk !  So... thank you very much... <smile>

I have always know you were great with your consulting business, and of course have always loved your famous "font." 

But I just noticed that you are a WordPress consultant.  I have wanted to do double-duty with my posts... or at least add to the things that I do, and have been playing with two WordPress blogs.  I am using them to mess around with... trying to learn stuff... but... they are limited.  They are only the Dot Com blogs rather than the Dot Org ones... cuz I am thick-headed as far as figuring out just HOW to make the Org stuff work.  And, I am guessing that to play with the "big girls"... I prolly need to do the ORG instead of the COM.  Is that correct ?

Heck, I haven't even been able to learn many of the tricks here on Active Rain, and I have been here THREE years as of August 25.  Now... even though I am techie-challenged... once I learn this stuff... I can write decent tutorials and share that with other folks.  I am an excellent teacher.  But... I gotta learn it first.

So... perhaps your bringing your cookies here... will spur me on.  But, then again, that is of course part of your marketing... I am sure.

I am so glad I am not a dull cookie.  Whew !

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Ken:  I need to do that as well.  Actually, I tried deleting several bloggers I have subscribed to, but since they DO appear on my blog roll, but have LEFT Active Rain... I find that I cannot delete them.  They have done nothing for over a year, and have left AR... which I guess puts them in some sort of a blog limbo.  And, you are welcome.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

 hi Karen Anne, you're right about dull cookies and... they don't go too well with milk either. ;-)

 Re WordPress... watch my blog post coming out in the next day or two, I'll be starting a new series of tutorials specifically for non-techies to clear up a lot of the confusion about WordPress.

 There is a ton of WP info out there but it's overwhelming for most people to sort thru what they need to know and what they don't, especially at the beginning. Later...

Posted by marti garaughty, a highly caffeinated creative type... ( almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen Anne --

Almost a year ago I launched a new Wordpress Web site ... and it's a blog-based site completely. Now almost every blog I write for that site also is posted here on AR ... but that's because AR has incredible Google-juice; search engines love it. My site traffic is growing, but the discipline to write comes from a commitment to do so on Active Rain.

I've done a lot of professional writing in my career ... but frankly what I found after launching my own blog site is how difficult it was --for me -- to write for marketing-related exposure, while allowing a bit of personality to show through. After all, the goal was for potential clients to get a sense of who I am and how I work, with the ultimate goal to grow one's business. I believe that comes through steady, continual effort. And it's danged hard work!

Posted by Gabrielle Nemes, 206.300.8421, S King & Pierce County RE Advocate (RE/MAX Realty South) almost 10 years ago

John in # 18:  Yeah... it's work.  And... it can wear you out, or in my case... three times so far, I came close to burning out.  I think that was back when I cared more about the points, and also when I wrote more political stuff, and "contended" with some of "those" folks... LOL.  Wow... that can be draining.

But... yes, I hit the wall three times so far, and just backed off.  One nice thing about that... is I got some really sweet emails from some of my friends on Active Rain... asking if I was ok, and telling me how much I was missed.  Really sweet stuff when that landed on my "older ears."

John... even if your blogging is part-time, and even if it is more for the enjoyment of it... and being able to practice writing... those are all excellent reasons to keep doing this.  And thank you for your kind words.  Very nice.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Karen Anne ~ I didn't realize that some people hired companies to write or produce their blogs -- that was an eye-opener. I guess I just jumped in blindly and learned as I went.  Since my business is staging, I try to do as many visual posts as possible because I believe that's what consumers are looking for.  My AR Blog has been so helpful to my business!  Often, new clients will tell me they found my blog and liked my photos -- so it really does work!  Isn't AR just the best resource?

Posted by Maureen Bray Portland OR Home Stager ~ Room Solutions Staging, "Staging Consultations that Sell Portland Homes" (Room Solutions Staging, Portland OR) almost 10 years ago

Joan in # 21, well, I was getting that idea as well, so I went to my post and added a NOTE... trying to get folks to talk about their OUTSIDE blogs as well... and the inside ones here on Active Rain.  Come on back later.  This post just got Featured... which will bring many more comments... often from folks not familiar with my blog.  That part of being featured, I like.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Kristen in # 20:  Well... journaling, as I have seen here with some on Active Rain... HAS helped mend some broken hearts and spirits, as well as broken deals.  I have seen it happen... but then again, I am open to that touchy-feely stuff.

Journaling, you hit on it.  I have been writing a personal journal since the early 1990's.  I have printed out some of it, but nowhere near enough.  Funny you should mention it, but the last time I saw my daughter... about five weeks ago... I showed her one of the binders of some years of my journaling from 1994-1995.  Told her to look for it, once I am "gone." 

She seemed surprised, and I have no clue if she will even read them.  But, that is another post.  Actually, many more posts.  And, above, I mentioned my having two WordPress blogs... just playing with them.  I have written about more personal stuff in them... for two reasons.  One, just for the therapy it provides, and two, to play with trying to learn how to use WordPress.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

I have been at this for only 4 months and I am loving it. I have enjoyed reading and writing blogs. I can't stop. I am officially addicted and I love that I can touch people in many different ways depending on what I write about. I don't think this will stop with me.

Posted by Stacia Whatley, StaciaSellsHomes Your Western WA Realtor® (Hawkins-Poe Inc.) almost 10 years ago

I know that I'm nearly always too personal on my blog and too opinionated, but since that's the way I am in person too.... I just see it as honest and for those potential consumers who are driven from me, maybe some are also drawn to me.  Others in my market... don't really blog on a regular basis.

Posted by Tammy Lankford,, Broker GA Lake Sinclair/Eatonton/Milledgeville (Lane Realty Eatonton, GA Lake Sinclair, Milledgeville, 706-485-9668) almost 10 years ago

Sally in # 22:  You have been here on Active Rain before I got here.  I just looked, and your first posts were in March of 2007.  I started in August of 2007.  You live in such a beautiful island paradise... Hawaii... and have so much to write about as far as Localism is concerned.  Plus, you are so good at what you do... and it all adds up to a great blog.

And, being able to just move your AR stuff to your outside blog is nice.  From what I have seen, many, many of the stand-alone outside blogs get very little "play."  I learned quite a bit from what Ruthmarie had to say in her comment # 48 as far as her outside blog.  And... hers is a Tomato blog, and it looks just gorgeous.  But... how do you get people to read it ?

Here... there is the "power" of Active Rain.  And, it does make a difference.  And yes, after getting the "hang" of it, and doing it for three and a half years, it does get lots easier, I am sure.

Many of "the rest of us"... have the dual problem of being consistent in our writing of our posts... and then coupling that... with just the plain and simple stuff of trying to learn what the heck we are doing.  Not an easy task... but it does get better.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Kerry in # 25:  It just boggles my mind to see all of these magnificent appearing outside blogs... that just have a very few posts at the beginning, and then it all came to a screeching halt.  And I mean HALT !  That is why I think that if I, or anyone, wants to have an outside stand-alone blog, it is best to be doing it in conjunction with their Active Rain blog.

I have said since I joined Active Rain, that for me it is ALL about the relationships.  And if I am only on an outside blog (which I don't know how to do yet)... the lack of actually personal relationship contact would prolly cause me to stop... just like the others we have talked about.

I also think part of the outside blog problem... is expecting instant results.  Kinda like... "damn... I been writing on this expensive outside blog of mine for two months now, and nothing has come of it.  Nuttin !"  Well, that can be a major problem.  It is a long-term thing.  It's like baking a cake, or having a baby.  No matter what you do... it must take the time it needs to take to produce results.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Norma in # 26:  Well, woman... just just about answered everything... and very well, I might add, in your four-line comment.  What you say is so true.  Not everyone is cut out for certain things.  It does not mean that other things will not work for them, but it's just like you say about open houses, or short sales, or having an outside blog.

If your heart is in it, and your attitude is great... it has such a greater chance of working.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Maria in # 27:  I would love to hear your million words if you have time... <smile>  Learning is such a good thing.

Yes, blogging on Active Rain IS more friendly than WordPress, or Blogger, or yahoo.  I know about WordPress and Blogger, but trying to do a great job blogging on Yahoo... to me sounds like a guy trying to impress his new girlfriend by driving her to the prom in his Yugo.

The only answer that works for every question ever asked... is "it all depends."  And for you, as for everyone, what you do, and what is best for you, or me, "depends" on what we want to do with it.  For me, I would find it incredibly difficult to write only one post each week.  Extremely difficult.

But, again, each and every person can choose what works for them.  And, I am glad that what you have described works for you.  Cool !

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Paul in # 30:  Whew... what a comment.  <smile>  Ok... I just read your entire comment, and then went to your website, looked at your posts... mostly listings, re-blogs, statistical market reports, and a few actual blog posts.

I looked at your website... very pretty, very appealing, and did see that you have a blog attached to that website, as well.  I am guessing that you get more "draw" out of that, than out of your AR blog.

Yes, blogging is work.  Lots of work.  But if you enjoy it... it feels much less like work.  And it you do NOT enjoy it... nothing anyone can say or do will make it better... except for getting lots of referrals from it.

I like your idea about using peoples real estat questions for subjects for your blog, although, again, I did not see much of that on your AR blog.  But what I did see... was that you get get almost no comments on any of your posts. 

Now, I know you cannot take comments to the bank and deposit them, and I also know they don't accept them at Nordstrom... so I hope there is another benefit there for you.

And, you are right as far as answering questions on Trulia, at least it sounds like it makes sense.  Taking that same question, and answering it in a blog post would probably get much more mileage... but, then again, I have never even been... on the Trulia website.

Your next paragrah about what buyers want... well, I guess that is all personal, and, of course, depends on the buyer.  I am not really sure that there are thousands of articles about wallpaper... but it appears that is how your humor works.

After reading all of your suggestions and quips, I am glad what you're doing works for you.  Have a great week ahead.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Lane in # 33:  Sure... things flow at times, and you hit a brick wall at times.  Me, too.  Usually when the brick wall happens, I go and read as much as I can on other folks posts... those from the blog roll, and those I have subscribed to.

Funny, but what I do NOT do, or rarely do, is read the "featured posts" first.

Now, what you have said about agents hitting the first wall... and then quitting... makes all the sense in the world.  Also, even if they don't hit the wall all that soon... getting disillusioned quickly if a flood of business does not happen after writing ten posts... can also bring them to a halt.  It IS hard work... and it takes persistence, and continuity... both of which you have.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

My outside blog is getting more hits and having a far better bounce rate than my AR blog, according to Google Analytics. And I didn't pay anyone to help me with it, just a WordPress blog.

Posted by Joetta Fort, Independent Broker, Homes Denver to Boulder (The DiGiorgio Group) almost 10 years ago

John in # 34:  You won't find any of that doom and gloom stuff here.  Other folks on Active Rain have that area covered very, very well... it appears to me.

And telling folks that being a "real person" would not work... heck, I've been told that for thirty years.  I was told that doing what I have done... wouldn't work... yet somehow it got me into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame.  So, I guess those "doom'ers and gloom'ers" must have been looking in their mirror too long.

John... honestly I am wondering if you read my post... LOL.  I am not talking about anyone's impression of others, or of the top 500 bloggers in Texas, but inviting folks to share with me, and with the rest of the commentators here... what either worked or did not work for them... in either their outside free-standing blog, or their Active Rain blog.

As far as Active Rain being a club.  Perhaps for some.  I don't get into that.  In fact... I have never been to an Active Rain gathering.  Not my style.  I love living inside my little cave.  I am essentially a hermit crab who goes out when I must... <smile>

As far as many folks you know and knew just giving up after they found their "posts" were "relegated" to back pages and got little, if any, attention... have you, or have they... thought that maybe, just maybe, they were not cut out to be bloggers ?

As far as the "stars" are concerned... there are many Newbie'ish commentors on THIS post... who I subscribe to, and find their posts worth reading.  Just as there are many "stars" whose posts I do not read.  But... different things attract different types of people.  It's what makes the world go 'round.

And, as far as stuff that has been discussed here "many times..." I usually don't get in to that.  I usually go against the grain, confront some of the so-called "stars," and occasionally make such waves that make me wonder if I'm gonna get thrown outta here... LOL.  John... have a great week ahead... and thanks for your comment.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Sonja in # 35:  You've been on Active Rain for over two years, and it sounds like you are enjoying yourself.  Cool !  And yes, this has been for many of us... very therapeutic.  Just think how expensive going to a therapist could be.  It hurts my head just thinking about it.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Bryan in # 36:  Yeah... I am pretty good at "hitting nerves."  Everyone is different.  There are folks for whom blogging does not work, but those same folks can just absolutely flourish in other areas of real estate... that some folks just really hate.  Just as all real estate is local, all agents are unique.

But... if what you say about some sort of short Facebook conduit in a few years... honestly, that is where I draw the line.  I really don't care if I end up being the only blogger left.  And... blogging, and Facebook and Twitter are so incredibly different, it is really impossible to make much of a comparison, except that each appeals to a unique set of people... and not to others.  As far as Facebook and Twitter are concerned... I am a proud member of the NOT group.

I'm glad you like the post.  Take care...

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

To everyone:  

I have been writing and then responding on this post since 7:24pm... and I am pooped.  Seven hours is about all the gas I had in my lil tank.  Gotta go sleepie pie now.  Besides, I have found myself getting a little "crabby" in some of my last few comments... so stopping now might be a great idea.

The comments have been great, and I have enjoyed responding.  Hope you have found it worthwhile as well.  Nighty night.  See you in the morning !

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

Dear Karen- I love the fact that you respond to everyones comments. You are a true blogging professional. Why would I need an outside Blog, which for the mostly part in Real Estate seems to be canned and probably written by a ghost writer, when I have so much fun on Active rain. The interaction counts for a lot.

Posted by Ellie McIntire, Luxury service in Howard County & Catonsville (Ellicott City Clarksville Howard County Maryland Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

I think if you start seeing results and/or getting lots of positive feedback early it helps.  If you don't, it's so easy to stop and never even realize how powerful it can be.

Posted by Debbie Gartner, The Flooring Girl & Blog Stylist -Dynamo Marketers (The Flooring Girl) almost 10 years ago

One reason most people start here, you get comments which engage you. You don't on outside blogs (AR outside blogs) but the phone rings from those too.

Not unusual most start and some never finish, it is that way with all kinds of marketing.

I keep getting a 505 error, so if this doesn't go through then I will be back tonight.



Posted by Missy Caulk, Savvy Realtor - Ann Arbor Real Estate (Missy Caulk TEAM) almost 10 years ago

Karen Anne, blogging takes dicipline, dedication and persistence. Those who stick with it usually reap the rewards.

Posted by Michael Setunsky, Your Commercial Real Estate Link to Northern VA almost 10 years ago

Karen Anne, I agree with you that there is a lot more work involved than the average blogger anticipates. 

Posted by Susan Brown (Keller Williams NE, Kingwood Texas (Humble & Atascocita too)) almost 10 years ago

Putting out quality content while working in real estate is work. And if people aren't into writing, it is like trying to get a moose to yodel. 

Posted by J. Philip Faranda, Broker-Owner (J. Philip Faranda (J. Philip R.E. LLC) Westchester County NY) almost 10 years ago

The 'draft' feature has helped me a ton...I try to at least start one when I don't feel like it and save what I start as a draft...I find after that, I keep thinking in terms of editing the draft and that starts the wheels turning for me...before I know it I have some copy down and a blog is the result...I'm not prolific by any stretch but this little trick will get me there at some point...hyper-local is key, folks

Posted by John Zappia, Maine Custom Realty (Maine Custom Realty) almost 10 years ago

I haven't read through all of the comments but sometimes I think blogs die because everyone suggests posting as much as you can every week. People get burnt out especially if they don't have a plan in place for what they want to say on a regular basis. The fact is that search engines look for consistency so creating a steady blog routine will help with SEO and reduce burn out.

Posted by Home Loan Search.Online (Home Loan Search Online) almost 10 years ago

Consistency and avoiding procrastination are the two biggest influences in my opinion.

Posted by Brent & Deb Wells, Prosper TX (LivingWell Properties) almost 10 years ago

Karen... as so many have mentioned, it just takes a lot of work, dedication, and planning. Yes, there are times when it's not even fun, but knowing that I need to get something out there.  People need to realize that you sometimes might have a consumer that doesn't contact you right away, and reads your posts for weeks, just to get a feel for you and or to see your knowledge... 

jeff belonger

Posted by Jeff Belonger, The FHA Expert - FHA Loans - FHA mortgages - USDA loans - VA Loans ( Social Media - Infinity Home Mortgage Company, Inc) almost 10 years ago

I think you were correct in saying that most get out when they see they actually have to WORK.  They also may not get the positive reinforcement needed to keep going.

Posted by Phil Stevenson, CRMP, "Mortgage Nerd" in Miami, Florida and Texas (PS Mortgage Lending 305-791-4874 or 888-845-6630) almost 10 years ago

The enthusiasm one experiences for (or from blogging) sometimes dims when people see that blogging is work!

Posted by Gary L. Waters Broker Associate, Bucci Realty, Fifteen Years Experience in Brevard County (Bucci Realty, Inc.) almost 10 years ago

Work is a four-letter word.   So is Blog.



Posted by Fred Griffin Tallahassee Real Estate, Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker (Fred Griffin Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

I also think sometimes we get writers block. When I get writers block I try to go back to the basics and Keep it simple. I post area events and such. But I will be completely honest writing does not come easy for me, I tend to have OCD when it comes to writing my blog posts. SO I decided to take a step back and reevaluate my priorities with my blog. Ie;What do I intend to accomplish? I focus on that now and it has helped with the block.

Blogging consistanly is not easy and my hat is off to all ya'll diehards out their. Thanks for the great content. I thoroughly enjoy reading them for the most part!

Posted by Cindy Cranston (Fulmer Realty- Floresville, LaVernia, San Antonio) almost 10 years ago

Even if I didn't get any business from blogging I still get to practice my writing AND I learn a lot researching what I'm going to write.

That said, if you don't see immediate $$ results, it's hard to keep putting in as much time as it takes to blog. It's like any other marketing, it's just a lot more obvious than 'why did a direct mail campaign die?'

Posted by Julia Odom, Chattanooga Homes for Sale (Select Realty Professionals) almost 10 years ago

A blog like anything else is going to be a lot of work and you have to treat it as such.  Setting time aside to think of ideas and execute them wont come easy.

Posted by Eileen Hsu, LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

Getting results early on that turn into a monetary benefit are going to be tremendous encouragement to keep on blogging. If you don't get that early feedback it makes it a lot harder.

Posted by Morgan Evans, LICENSED REAL ESTATE SALESPERSON (Douglas Elliman Real Estate) almost 10 years ago

great post

great questions

do you have a voice

do you want to get your opinions out there and let the chips fall where they may?

blogging may be for you

and use the blog tech tips to get results... bingo

Posted by Vince McEveety (Gilleran Griffin Realty) almost 10 years ago

Hi, Karen- on my outside blog  the rough patch began when the market changed, and through the course of the change, my direction also adjusted. Suddenly, focusing on retirement communities, when those buyers were shell shocked and not selling their homes, created the big stall- what on earth to write about, when it was clear that buying/selling was dicey? Once past that, the reo blogs replaced the over 55's- I deleted a number of less than complimentary comments (bottom feeder and vulture come to mind). Now, past THAT, I'm finding that visitors are still generated with the active adult posts, and we're getting good contact with reos, as well. So, still tweaking...and's so much more difficult that people realize, but it works. I'd better get busier on it, but the beauty of it is that certain posts still pull interested people in, after all this time!

Posted by Laurie Mindnich almost 10 years ago

I can tell you why mine died... because AR broke!! Back a few months ago when they had issues that took several weeks to fix, my motivation broke with it. It's taken me months to get back on track.

Motivation this time? I have a buyer under contract who was reading my blog and asked where the market reports went... yikes!  Starting later this week, once the month end sales post, I'll be back up with market reports!

Posted by Donna Harris, Realtor,Mediator,Ombudsman,Property Tax Arbitrator (Donna Homes, powered by JPAR - almost 10 years ago

Discipline and time are the two main factors that drive blogging efforts.  Discipline to actually do it and then finding the time to exercise the discipline.  Then it's just like a job.  You have to get up everyday and seek out new ideas then let them germinate and then let them flow forth from your fingertips on the keyboard.

Being new to this whole blogging thing I'm still pretty excited about the possibilities and potential.  I fully expect it to pay off handsomely in pretty short order.

Posted by Ralph Janisch ABR CRS Broker, Selling Northwest Houston to good people like you! (Janisch & Co.) almost 10 years ago

When I blog, its like talking with an old friend......whats not to like?

Posted by Richie Alan Naggar, agent & author (people first...then business Ran Right Realty ) almost 10 years ago

I would have to admit that I was one that started and then stopped.  I realized there was a learning curve and there was more to it than just posting a listing here and there.  I've had a great time learning since then and have been trying to stay very focused and making it a priority

Posted by Debbie Atwood, Real Estate Broker (Century 21 Real Estate Center Everett, WA) almost 10 years ago

I know I have been responding to every single comment so far on this post... but it kinda sorta appears that since it hit "Featured Post" status... many of the comments have not been "on point"... and some of them appeared to be a result of only reading the "title" of this post, and then... assuming they knew what the post was about... they made a generalized comment that said very little if anything about their own "outside blog, or AR blog."

So... about forty comments ago... I wrote this at the bottom of the post:


Note:  I know that "blogging is not dead.  That's not the issue here.  That has been "hashed, re-hashed, and over-hashed."

The question is... why do certain blogger's individual blogs... die ?  Or... why does blogging work for some, and not for others ?  Looking for some personal stories about either your blog, or about blogs of those you know, here.

To those of you who have tried to stay on point, and have tried to make this a worthwhile give-and-take conversation... thanks so much.

Posted by Karen Anne Stone, Fort Worth Real Estate (New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County) almost 10 years ago

For me its taking more time to read and learn and comment.  I'm not a reader so writing takes more thought and time.  Having someone write your blog, am I missing something? It's all supposed to be personal. Sharing.  AR is teaching and helping me enormously.

Posted by Ross Therrien, Realtor, Broker Associate (Prudential Verani Realty, Londonderry,New Hampshire) almost 10 years ago

Wow!   A lot of very interesting answers here -but I also see a lot of comments by people who didn't appear read the post.  Good commenting is a part of good blogging.  I don't always get my "10 comments a day in."  I don't worry about it - it should be quality more than quantity.   If you aren't posting good comments, chances are your blogs are sorely lacking in content - and definitely readers.  The issue as to why blogs die was covered in previous blogs.  Karen Anne was looking for input about people's experiences with "outside blogs" which are a very different experience than blogging in the rain.

Posted by Ruthmarie Hicks (Keller Williams NY Realty - 120 Bloomingdale Road #101, White Plains NY 10605) almost 10 years ago

Pay attention to #30 Paul..I must say this guy OWNS all major search terms for the Vegas area.  He is doing something right and I admire and respect him for that!

I started my wp blog mid july after ignoring my html based site for a year and unable to keep up with adding content.

So far, in a little over a month, that WP blog is getting 2x more traffic than my AR outside blog.  I am pretty amazed at myself.  Not concerned about only having two comments since inception.  The leads started rolling in around 10 days ago and I must say, I am patting myself on the back.  Not bored from lack of comments as I am watching the traffic climb pretty quick on a daily basis.  That and leads are all I need to keep me engaged with the WP site.

I think people need fresh content, blogs aren't dying - if they are being written on once or twice a week and easily indexed!  You also do not need to "write" to blog.  I have seen some fantastic photo and video blogs.  Just gotta find "your thing" that attracts people who need your good or service!

Posted by Renée Donohue~Home Photography, Western Michigan Real Estate Photographer (Savvy Home Pix) almost 10 years ago

Karen, I'm anxious to read all the comments so I'll have to come back to this tomorrow.

Posted by Tammie White, Broker, Franklin TN Homes for Sale (Franklin Homes Realty LLC) almost 10 years ago

Hi Karen Anne... Congratulations on the well deserved Feature!  This post does what the best posts on AR do... it creates a conversation and exchange of ideas.  I know how much time you spend and have spent blogging.  It's a commitment that we are all lucky that you have chosen to make!

Posted by Steve Shatsky almost 10 years ago

Blogging is not about instant gratification, but rather it's an ongoing process.

I believe it requires that the blogger remain real & honest. The blogger needs to have a genuine passion for what he or she writes about. If not, it will soon become evident and the blog will die!


Posted by COMPASS PALM SPRINGS | Stewart Penn, COMPASS Palm Springs - Broker Associate (COMPASS) almost 10 years ago

My outside blog is harder because there isn't the interaction that I enjoy here on AR though I still do it - some.

Posted by Christine Donovan, Broker/Attorney 714-319-9751 DRE01267479 - Costa M (Donovan Blatt Realty) almost 10 years ago

I do not have an outside blog...I have no problem writing...I just don't have the blog set up.  I am finally getting the hang of blogging here on AR.

Can anyone give me a breakdown on what I can expect to spend (financially) in developing a wordpress type blog?

Thanks for the great blog Karen Anne!

Posted by Mike McCann - Nebraska Farm Land Broker, Farm Land For Sale 308-627-3700 or 800-241-3940 (Mike McCann - Broker, Mach1 Realty Farmland Broker-Auctioneer Serving Rural Nebraska) almost 10 years ago

I think you truly have to enjoy writing to some degree to be a successful blogger; otherwise, it's just too much hard work.

Posted by Patsy Overton (Patsy Overton Interiors, Atlanta, Georgia) almost 10 years ago