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It's Ash Wednesday. Did You Get Your Tree Up?

Yes, today is Ash Wednesday.  And yes, I just asked you if you "got your tree up yet?"

Yeah.  I know. "What tree?"  Now what is she talking about?

Well... I mean the "Ash Wednesday Tree."  Think about it.  The tree that just about everyone knows about... is the Christmas Tree.  And oh, this year... I saw some really fine Christmas trees.  So nicely decorated.  Lights.  Ornaments.  Those lil icicles.  Fun memento ornaments from Christmases past.  Yes, some of them were sooo pretty.

But what about other "holidays?"  I mean... is it fair to put up a Christmas Tree... and then forget other days?

Why NOT have trees for other occasions?  Like a GroundHog Day Tree.  Now...  doesn't that sound like the perfect way to celebrate GroundHog Day?

Or... did you get your President's Day tree up?  Prolly not.  Just think.  Lots of cute lil "presidential ornaments, and maybe here and there some ornaments in the shape of President Washington's wooden teeth?

(I must admit... I forgot to get mine up as well.)  My Bad!

Now... this year, as far as Ash Wednesday is concerned... this presents a problem.  I mean... today is Ash Wednesday, but at midnight tonight, Ash Wednesday is over, and Valentine's Day begins.  What then?

Must we be there... ready and waiting as Midnight approaches... ready to scramble down the Ash Wednesday ornaments and all, and replace them with bunches of hearts, little Cupids, and other love-inspiring cutesy'ness ornaments?  That sounds like a lot of work to me... but I mean... fair is fair.

Oh... that issue of fairness.

Another great day for a tree... would be Easter.  Not sure when we would put that tree up.  Prolly on Easter Saturday.  We gotta be respectful of Good Friday and all.

But sure... this year, remember your Easter Tree.  Lots of lil eggies... maybe the plastic ones with goodies inside.  And of course, baby rabbits, and maybe at the very top, instead of the Christmas Angel, we could have a big, fuzzy, and festive Easter Rabbit.  Oh, the thought just boggles the mind.

There are so many other occasions, and really, if you think about it... they don't just have to be on everyone's calendar. 

They can be our own personal "events."  Can you imagine the ornaments some of us girls might have on our "augmentation trees?"  Again, it's mind-boggle time.  Or, for the guys... (being fair now) perhaps a "hair transplant tree?"  I mean... again... fair is fair.

I wonder.  Might Hobby Lobby carry these kinds of ornaments?

My poor liberal, Progressive mind is really starting to hurt... trying to make sure I don't forget any deserving days.  Yes, my lil head is on the verge of throbbing in pain.  I think I need a few Advil Liqui-Gels... and then off to bed for a two hour nap.

So... how about you?  Can you think of any days that you personally would feel are deserving of having their very own "Tree" put up?  Please share...

~                                        ~                                        ~

Comment balloon 75 commentsKaren Anne Stone • February 13 2013 03:48PM
It's Ash Wednesday. Did You Get Your Tree Up?
Yes, today is Ash Wednesday. And yes, I just asked you if you "got your tree up yet? " Yeah. I know. "What tree? " Now what is she talking about? Well… I mean the "Ash Wednesday Tree. " Think about it. … more