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Problems with Clicking the "Like" Button...

I do not really spend much time on Facebook... and no time whatsoever on My Space.  I also think that Twitter is silly.  I really do not care what someone had for breakfast, or what kind of poddy paper they use.  I know Twitter MUST work for some, so... good for them.

However, I do know many folks who really seem to enjoy Facebook.  One thing I have heard some of them wonder or complain about, though, is using the "Like" button. 

Not just on Facebook... but as I have seen, that silly "Like" button appears all over the place.

Keeping all of the electronic Internet "wonders" in mind... I wonder what actually happens when someone "clicks" on that seemingly harmless little "Like" button ?

One complaint I have heard... is that occasionally... a few days after someone clicks on that little button... they end up getting "spammy" email from all kinds of new places that never sent them spammy stuff before.

This leads me to wonder if perhaps any time that the "Like" button is clicked on... the person doing the clicking is ADDING or surrendering their own email address to the database of someone they never heard of, or never gave permission to.

And... if that happens... where does that "personal email" information go ?  One guess might be that it goes to someone who is compiling an email information data base.  Then, I would make another good guess that the email address information would end up being packaged and sold to a great variety of marketing companies... who either use or re-sell these email marketing lists.  Then... the spam begins.

Whaddya think ?  Paranoia ?  Or just another surprise from all those invisible people who "milk" the Internet for personal information ?


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Comment balloon 39 commentsKaren Anne Stone • September 12 2010 12:49AM
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