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Why Do Blogs Die ?

There were several posts written over the past two days about the death of blogging... and whether it was real, or not.  While I was reading those posts and comments, one of the things that popped into my head was this:

There are many, many real estate agents who, in the past... when they "heard" all about blogs for the first time... "LOOKED" at other agent's blogs, and, in wanting to put together a great looking blog to launch, spent lots of time and money... with some of the excellent professional blogging consultants.

In the process, they sweated blood and cried tears I am sure.  Pulled their own hair out, and went through the various frustrations of trying to put together a great-looking blog to launch.

Once they got to where they felt their "creation" was ready... they launched their blog.  They gave birth to their new baby blog.

Then came the realization.  OK... all that excitement is over with.  NOW... what do I do ?

What a frustrating question.  Many of those brand new bloggers jumped right in.  Tried to write, some did very well, and some did not.  Some found their initial excitement was easy to maintain.  Others, not so much.

Some time ago, when I was thinking of paying lots of money for someone to create a blog for me... I asked for a list of perhaps several dozen of the blogs that these various companies had created for some of our Active Rainers, and for other Realtors.  And I was surprised at what I found.

After reading these recent posts, I went back to the lists of those several dozen blogs... just to see how they were doing.

Apparently... for the most part... once those blogs were launched... most of the writers... didn't really know what to do with them, and quit after four months or so... sometimes even less.

A blog looks like fun.  And, an excellent blog looks... well, it LOOKS... excellent. 

But, it's often like a kid with a new toy at Christmas.  You know how it works, Mom and Dad.  Your youngster opens up the present, says WOW... plays with it for awhile, then goes on to the next one.  And... there you are... looking at that toy... wondering what happened.

NO... I do not think blogging is "dead."  Far from it.  But, I DO think that a great many agents started blogs when they had no clue what they were getting in to, then found out it was really too much like WORK, and soon just got either bored, or tired, or both.

So... a question.  If you have an outside blog... my dear Rainers... what various things did you find out... once you launched your blog, and got it up and running ?  What surprised you the most ?  What did you enjoy the most ?  And, what did you enjoy... not so much ?


Please read:  I know that "blogging is not dead.  That's not the issue here.  That has been "hashed, re-hashed, and over-hashed."

The question is... why do certain blogger's individual blogs... die ?  Or... why does blogging work for some, and not for others ?  Looking for some personal stories about either your blog, or about blogs of those you know, here.  Thanks a bunch.


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