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Mollie T Held Captive ! Help Me Take Back my Warm Spot !

This is Mollie T.  About a week ago, My Mother,  Karen Anne Stone , wrote a post about me.  I'm "the baby," I'm the kitty cat... Mollie T.  The post she wrote was titled  Let Sleeping Cats Lie... If You Know What's Good For You...

If you saw that post... you know how hard I was trying to thaw out.  I was THIS CLOSE... to being frozen from the nearly Arctic temperatures my Mother keeps... in "her" apartment.

Well... what poor me thought could NEVER get worse... Did !  My mother, as some of you may know, has been living in a cramped one-bedroom apartment since her two bedroom apartment was FLOODED... several months ago.

Things have recently gotten worse... as can be seen from this picture:  I am Being Held Captive !


That warm spot... right in front of the balcony door... was the ONLY spot I could go to... to try and get warm.  Do you have any clue what a twelve-pound kitty cat looks like or feels like, when she is shivering totally out-of-control ?

My silly Cat-Mother... has this printer.  And... this place is so crammed with stuff... that the only place should SHE could figure out to put this printer-stand... was RIGHT in my warm spot.

I have tried to tell her... I really have.  I even have some music... Rescue Me , playing in the background.  She doesn't get it.  I am freezing.  And she stole my "warm spot."  Please... help !  Just what's an adorable kitty-cat to do ?

Comment balloon 15 commentsKaren Anne Stone • June 15 2010 09:49PM
Mollie T Held Captive Help Me Take Back my Warm Spot
This is Mollie T. About a week ago, My Mother, Karen Anne Stone wrote a post about me. I'm "the baby, " I'm the kitty cat… Mollie T. The post she wrote was titled Let Sleeping Cats Lie… If You Know What's Good For You… … more
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