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Donna Answers The Phone... What a Concept ! And What An Attitude !

Recently, I was trying to get some information about a home that a buyer called me about.  It was mid last week... Wednesday, I think.

I had called perhaps three new home builder sales offices.  No Answer.  I tried their cell phones... and again... no answer.  I had just gotten off the phone with this "new prospect..." and I really wanted to give good service by getting back to him promptly.


So there I was... just about locked out of getting the information I needed to get back to this prospect.  What can I do ?  Who can I call ?  I know... I said to myself... I'll give Donna a try.

Now... I knew it was a Wednesday... and Donna's days off are Tuesdays and Wednesdays... but I needed the info... so I took a chance.  Donna wasn't even selling in the neighborhood I was interested in... but I thought there might be a chance she could dig up the info I needed.

I dialed my cell phone... ring, ring, ring... and on the third ring... Donna answered her cell phone.  She was "out in the yard" working on gardening chores, and had just removed a shutter from the front of her home, touched up the paint, and was about to re-attach it to her home.

And... in the middle of all of this... Donna answered my phone call.  When I found out what she was in the middle of... I was apologetic, but Donna would have none of it !  She put me at ease, she took her time to find out what I needed, and then just very succinctly gave me all the answers I needed.

Sure the market is kinda slow out there.  And when it get like this... it is so easy to let it affect your attitude.  It appears that the market doesn't even make Donna "blink."  The switch on her "attitude button" is always turned to "on..." and I surely do appreciate it.  Donna... just a public "thank you" for being so attentive to the needs of both your Realtors, and your home-buyers.

Donna... it means a lot... thank you so much !

Comment balloon 26 commentsKaren Anne Stone • August 09 2008 09:22PM
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