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It's the Worst Day... Since Yesterday...

Since last Fall... I have been watching a really cool show.  Star Gate Universe.

I have not watched any of the other Star Gate series... not at all.  But somehow, I have found this one very interesting... and have actually become "hooked" on it.

Star Gate - Universe recently opened up the second half of the first season... on April 2, 2010.  It's on the SyFy channel... and plays on Friday nights at 8pm and 10pm Central Time.

I think it was in the second last episode about four months ago... that this particular episode of Star Gate - Universe ended with this song playing in the background.  It's a tune by a strangly-named group named Flogging Molly.  The song is "It's The Worst Day Since Yesterday.

For some crazy reason, this song has really 'stuck" with me.  So much so that at night... just before I sign off and waddle off to beddie-bye with Mollie T Cat... I click on the link, and play it as a bedtime serenade to myself... mildly chuckling while I listen.  I hope you... or at least some of you... find it enjoyable as well.

Comment balloon 19 commentsKaren Anne Stone • April 10 2010 09:56PM
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