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The Saga of Ms Ivana Newhouse

As Unlikely Is It May Seem... Once In A While... some buyers or sellers in the Fort Worth, Texas area actually use the services of a Realtor other than Karen Anne Stone.  This can often be a very trying experience for them... fraught with dismay and disappointment.  Here is a case in point:

Pictured below is Ms Ivana Newhouse.  Ms Newhouse had been looking for a new home on her own for quite a while.  Sometimes looking online, sometimes using the Sunday Paper and just driving around... she had not been having very much luck.  Then, she had the misfortune of using the Realtor team of Ilene and Ben Dover, who had only been in real estate for a short time.  The agents had been referred to her by her ex-boyfriend, who it appears was not really trying to do Ivana any favors.

Ms Newhouse was not pleased.Click For More InfoIt was an absolute nightmare !

Things did not go well for Ivana.  The title company lost her documents, so her closing was delayed.  Her loan program disappeared at the very last minute due to the ever-evolving sub-prime mess.  So, she ended up being stuck with a six-month ARM loan program funded by Klingon Mortgage Corp.  Although her loan officer from Klingon DID attend her closing, the only thing heard from him was mumbling something that sounded vaguely like "Git'r'done."

Her Home Inspector inspected the wrong house, the termite inspector sprayed her kids and the dog instead of the termites, and the pool inspector brought his bathing suit and a portable barbeque grill, and shows no signs of leaving. 

Ivana hired a mover who was unfortunately referred to her by her loan officer from Klingon Mortgage Corp.  At this present moment, Ms Newhouse has no clue what has happened to her furniture.

After she finally closed and moved in to her home, she was exhausted.  The next day she met her new neighbors and told them her long and tragic story. 

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT... her neighbors had sold their previous home thru Karen Anne Stone of RE/MAX Associates Realty, and had also purchased their new home using Karen Anne's services as well.  After hearing her tale of woe, and being a part of Karen Anne's By Referral Only "Relationship Base," they did as Karen had taught them.  They gently planted a "referral seed"... saying :

      "Ivana... the next time you're in a conversation with someone, and they mention that they're thinking of buying a larger or more expensive home... please keep Karen Anne Stone in mind."

Karen Anne Stone of RE/MAX Associates Realty can be reached by phone at (817) 929-3400, or by email at   or

[ Editors note:  The above story occasionally does happen.  HOWEVER... the names of the buyer, Ms Ivana Newhouse, and Realtors Ilene and Ben Dover are all FICTICIOUS... having been changed to protect either the innocent or the guilty, whichever the case may be. ]

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As Unlikely Is It May Seem… Once In A While… some buyers or sellers in the Fort Worth, Texas area actually use the services of a Realtor other than Karen Anne Stone. This can often be a very trying experience for them… fraught with dismay and… more
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