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Yes... Room Service... Could You Send Up a Bottle of Chenin Blanc, please...

OK... we're going to set the time frame first, here...

I think it was perhaps 1995.  I had been working my little real estate fingers to the bone in Fort Worth, Texas.  I very much needed to take some time off.  I searched far and wide for a good place to spend the weekend... and finally saw an article about a show that was being put on in Austin, Texas.  Right now, I cannot remember the name of it.  Not Hairspray, not Girl Groups... ahhhh... there it is... it was called "Big Hair !"

It was billed as a "celebration" of the Girl Groups of the Sixties.  The Chiffons, The Supremes, Brenda Lee, that "biker chicks" group... what was there name... ?  Perhaps I'll remember before I finish this post... LOL.

Anyway... so I drive about three hours from Fort Worth to downtown Austin.  I had reserved a room at the Embassy Suites in downtown Austin... right on the river.  It was great.  I remember... I was in room 616.  Funny how I can remember the room number, but I cannot remember what I had for dinner yesterday.  Uh Oh!

I had my bags brought up to the room, I got situated, and thought about going to the 5:00pm Happy Hour downstairs for the free (read that "included") "hor's d'ourvres" at the "Happy Hour bar."  But, it was 3:45pm... what to do for a tad more than an hour. 

I turned on the TV.  There was a blurb about the upcoming Oprah show.  The movie "First Wives Club" was opening nationally that very day.  And, Oprah had on her show as guests... the three stars of the movie... Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and that other chick... ummm... who was it... yes... Diane Keaton.

Now... at least I had some TV to watch until Happy Hour, and then to have the Embassy Suites bus take me to the BigHair Show !  Cool Beans !  I picked up the phone, and called Room Service.  "Yello... a bottle of Chenin Blanc, puhleeze."

I waited.  And waited.  There I was... Oprah was starting, and no wine yet.  Then, a knock on the door... Room Service.  I opened the door... and there he was... a very nice young man... I think his name was Juan.  He wheeled in a cart, took off the cover... and there it sat... on the center of the cart.  There it was.  A Single Bottle of... "Shiner Bock." 

Beer... they sent me BEER !   Some no-name beer I had never heard of before... this nice Catholic Girl Yankee Chick from Cleveland... they sent me Shiner Bock Beer.  Yikes.

So... Juan and I had... "a little talk."  No, Juan... not Shiner Bock... I wanted Chenin Blanc.  It sounds kinda-sorta the same... but it is white wine.  Chenic Blanc.

The poor kid.  I had no clue if he understood what I was saying.  Who Knew ?  But, out he went.  I settled in, watching Oprah, Dolly, Jane, and the other nameless one.

Five minutes later... Room Service... .

I gingerly opened the door.  And... there it was again... the cart.  In it came, and Juan very carefully took the lid off.  Hmmm... it was a very lonely, very isolated... single glass... of Chenin Blanc.  If it could have waved at me... it would have.

Juan and I had another "lil chat."  Off he went again... and, just like clockwork... ten minutes later... during "half-time" of the Oprah show... there he was.  In came the cart... off came the cover to the tray... and there it was !  An entire bottle... actually in its very own ice bucket... a bottle of... Chenin Blanc.

I rummaged through my purse.  I felt badly for poor Juan.  Somewhere in the bottom of my purse I found a ten dollar bill, and, with it in my hand, I extended my hand to Juan.  He almost cried.  He was so sweet... such a nice young man... and, the poor guy, had to deal with me... this crazy chick from Cleveland... and all she wanted... was a bottle of white wine to drink while watching Oprah.

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