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It Started Out Like A Totally Normal Day.

It is an extreme rarity that I re-blog anything.  It is also a rarity that I make myself find the time to WATCH a video like THIS one.  But, I made myself do it, and YOU need to make yourself watch this video as well.

From the video, it appears that we, as women, get heart attacks quite unlike the male half of the species does.  (Those doofus guys still ARE a part of our species, arent they ???)

Anyway.  Please... watch this video.  It may either save YOUR life, or may help you save the life of a woman you know and love.

Bless Your Heart !

Karen Anne

It Started Out Like A Totally Normal Day.

In 2010 1.2 Million Poeple died from heart attacks. 

515,000 were women who didn't recognize the symptoms. 

Heart disease kills more women than any other disease! 

While there is nothing funny about a heart attack, this video does a superb job of getting the message across and having the symptoms stick in your head. Men watch this and keep an eye on that special lady in your life.  Women, watch this and take head to these warning signs.  Don't brush these symptoms off as nothing!

When a woman has a heart attack the symptoms are much more subtle than when a man does. 


Pain in the neck, arms, jaw, back and/or stomach.

Shortness of breath.

Cold sweats.

Nausea and/or stomach ache.



Know the symptoms, recognize the symptoms and don't hesitate to call 911! 

For more information click here;

It Started Out Like A Totally Normal Day.

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It Started Out Like A Totally Normal Day.
It is an extreme rarity that I re-blog anything. It is also a rarity that I make myself find the time to WATCH a video like THIS one. But, I made myself do it, and YOU need to make yourself watch this video as well. From the video, it… more
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