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I Think I'm Going To Leave "The Dark Side." It's Time to Buy a MAC !

I have been thinking about getting a MAC computer for quite a while.  I've watched all those silly commercials with the "PC GUY" on the left of your TV screen, and the "MAC Guy" on the right. 

Of course, those commercials always play up how great a MAC is, and how woefully inefficient a PC is.  I must say, I guess they have done a pretty good job with it.  They appear to have gotten inside my brain, and have finally spurred me to action.

Over the last two weeks,I have been looking for a place where I can learn all about MAC's, and hopefully find a salesperson or technician who would take the time to talk with me and share his information about exactly what a MAC does that a PC does not do... of even what a MAC does better than a PC does.

I stopped for coffee last Saturdayat a place in Fort Worth called Four Star Coffee on University in Fort Worth.  Right next to it was a camera shop.  In the window was a sign stating that they carried MAC computers.  After my coffee, I stopped in at the camera shop, and started asking questions about MAC's.  I was treated with a goody amount of courtesy, and spent a decent amount of time there. 

As I usually do when I am asking for information, but know I am not ready to actually buy something... when another customer came into the store, I quickly suggested to the person who was with me... to go ahead and wait on that customer.  I did not want him to miss a sale while he was just giving me information.

They were great at the camera store.  Later that same night, I stopped at Best Buy up in Grapevine, Texas.  They now have a department all set up that specialized in MAC's.  Again I found a very helpful person who shared some info with me.  While I was there, though, one of the other customers overheard our conversation, and later came up to me to tell me there was an Apple Store... and it was fairly close by... in Southlake at the Southlake Town Square.  Cool !

When I got home, I went online, Googled "Apple Store,"and up popped an Apple website.  On it was a directory of stores, and I found the Southlake store.

Finally making this long story short... the Apple Store has workshops they offer... at several levels or degrees of difficulty.  They've got one titled "MAC for Newbies" or something like that, and actually had a reservation form on the website.  I was hooked.  Their little gotcha worked. 

I made a reservation for this coming Sunday at 11:00am.  That's an hour before the Apple Store opens.  How cool is that !  Depending on how everything goes... I just might be "leaving the Dark Side."

Comment balloon 15 commentsKaren Anne Stone • November 30 2007 03:16PM
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